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Demo at the York Bonsai Club

Published On: 10 Jul, 2019 03:47 PM

23 Feb 2013

I was invited along to the York Bonsai Club in Wigginton which is a couple of miles north of York last Monday (18 Feb. 2013).

I was made to feel very welcome by the members of the club. I split the demo into two parts, the first session concentrated on throwing pots of basic shapes that can be turned into bonsai containers.

This went very well, no disasters, you can usually count on at least one pot going awry. The second session I threw crack pots using a variety of ways of decorating the surface of the pot prior to finishing the throwing.

In my Video section I have short vids of the crack pots being made, I have also put in there a vid of the evening with the York members. The hall at York was very nice but a bit disconcerting as in the next room there was a karate club practicing so if you hear a few yelps, the odd scream and the occasional door thumping, on the video it was the guys next door, not me. The group sat for the best part of an hour watching me throw the pots and burbling on about how I make them. I did manage to get one volunteer on the wheel, Alison was well up for a try, and did manage to throw one pot. So if you read this blog Alison the pot got back to Sheffield ok. I will finish the pot and glaze it for you.

So thanks to The people in York for a very enjoyable evening and good luck with your bonsai show later on this year.


Alison throwing

Alison Doing a great job of throwing a pot



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